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 My name is KZ aka Honeydripper..I play hot funky soulful Chicago blues harmonica.  but I'm also a very good least that's what they say.




I grew up in Chicago..during a time when Blues was very popular..I played and sang Blues with friends and family. I always knew Id become a Harmonica player. Back then Negros and Blues was really the same thing..that's how close it's connected to us still even today. It was the 50's & 60's..we stood on the corners singing songs like Hoochie Coochie Man, Spoonful and My Babe.. When the 70's came I felt ready and set out to meet Jimmy of the Greatest Blues men to ever walk the earth. It wasn't a hard thing to do..cause blues people (the real ones) are regular people..your neighbors..or your friends neighbors..maybe relatives. Cause when I was about 17 my friend James..after I kept calling him a lier.. he took me to meet his uncle Willie..Willie Dixon..I was like "DAYUMM" he was tellin the truth. .In fact Chess records was walking distance from the house.


 BELOW:  DSR..The Dred Scott Revue..Los Angeles on left



 Artist, Harmonica Player, KZ aka Honeydripper and friends.




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