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JAPAN 2012

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Thursday @ Blues Heaven Killer Ray Allison!!!

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THIS COMING THURSDAY 5:30 FOR A GOOD SEAT..SHOW BEGINS AT 6 PM...  TILL 7 PM..FREE FREE..  BUT BE KIND..PLEASE GIVE A DONATION.. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE..Ray's one of my best fact I met him in 2009...on this same stage I played harp and sang and his band backed me and my partner Nuwki Nu..  This Thursday we'll be doing it AGAIN.. ((((((thursday))))))  THIS WEEK!!  KILLER RAY!!  KILLER RAY!! KILLER RAY!! KILLER RAY!!  HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN??? HE IS AWESOME!!! 

2120 s. Michigan..  in the Blues Garden.. rain or case of rain the show continues indoors. 2120 is the original home of Chess records, The building is now a city landmark.. it is the home of The Willie Dixon Blues Heaven foundation..  run by his wife Marie Dixon


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LASTNIGHT I WENT TO A PARTY with just happened to be a BirthdayParty for Lurrie Bell's mother, ALSO it just happened to be in abuilding in the 2400 block of west Roosevelt..a building that I've beenlooking at and wanting to see for a few years now..everytime I go downRoosevelt...that's the most interesting building I se...e..frommy vehicle car or bus..I stare and wonder..who owns that? what'sinside? it's so eyecatching...I think it's right pass Western..andOgden..southside of's not an expensive city building withglass's just a regular building off the block that someoneput some money into and remixed..probably changing it from a livingspot to a nice looking rental spot. so FINALLY I GOT TO SEE THEBUILDING ID BEEN STARING AT..wondering. Believe it or not 2 blocksbefore we got there I said "It's probably on the left side..on abuilding I've been looking at." and I was right.. we walkedin..everyone had on white..some had on half white..I was the only onein a red baseball jeans and Nikes. really nicecrowd..Lurries mom was at the center table..a beautiful woman in whitewith a sparkling silver accent..on the dress down the front..and theshoes..they were magical..all silver with a toe that looked likechrome..those were some raw shoes..she was sharp. "T" introducedme..she said I was Kensey a harmonica player..a friend of her sonLurrie, 10 minutes later Lurrie after exchanging a HUGE greeting..hebrought me back over and introduced me again..he was so shocked to seeme at his mother's birthday party. Lurrie said "Let's go outside andhave a smoke.."..I said cool..let's go.. we sat on the steps out frontfor the rest of the party..enjoying the music from fact thatsong I've been asking yall about..the DJ played it so now I know thename of it..THE WOBBLE..If you want to get everyone on the floor..makesure you have that record, OUTSIDE we played blues, like me..Lurriekeeps a harmonica..a Marine Band "A" to be his shirt pocket,he all of a sudden pulled it out and played a blues harp favorite"JUKE" ..then he did a few more...all of a sudden Ms.T. came out andrequested that I go to the car and get my harmonica..from that momenton that was all we those harmonicas..from song to song..orjust freestyling, stopping here and there to talk to those party goerswho were outside watching us..and family members arriving..some sittingdown with us to enjoy Blues, Conversation, and a wasmagical..later we walked up the street to buy some more squares..allthe way playing a song he had began..I had got deep off into it thenfinally asked what song is that? he said Chitlin Con Carne..I said wellthat aint the one I know by Junior Wells..I said but there must be 50versions cause if you type the name in on youtube a whole gang of shitPOPS UP. On the way back we began to play EASY by Big leasthe's the one I saw playing it.. I played it..then Lurrie played it..Igot his point so I played it AGAIN this time doing it the way he second time doing it was a whole lot better than my first....We sat back down and played some more..the interesting thing is "T"did not stay outside to listen after I got my harps out her car..sheimediately went back inside. I guess she wanted to make sure WEPLAYED..Not just him. When we did go inside for a restroom/ food anddrink break..ppl were packing up to leave. The party was OVER.. but Imade sure I got me a fruit plate and some birthday cake, to cap it offwe all posed for a Lurrie his mom and "T". It was a veryspecial night. Usually me and Lurrie only have short talks in the bluesclubs...and those talks may be on stage musically..or a few words afterthe sets.. Lurrie's good for conversation ..he's a very interesting guy, and one of the top guitar players in and im sure outside of blues.Many say he's the BEST. I have to agree. ~*Last Night Was All Magic*...Magic happens accidents.. Magic just appears.. Idid'nt even know Ms."T" 5 days ago.. I met her thursday at Blues Heaven with Marie Dixon.. for those of you who are asking who's Marie Dixon..go google Willie Dixon..her late husband..or watch the movie Cad'Lac Records... "T" was promising to bring Marie a photo or two of the Great Harmonica Player Carey Bell.. Carey Bell was one of thebest...and he was also Lurrie Bells dad. R.I.P. Carey Bell.

To hear Me and Lurrie playing at Rosa's Blues Lounge in 2009 click the link below. Or go to my website, make sure you register..

Honeydripper @ Wonderbar ..650 n. Dearborn

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HONEYDRIPPER LIVE..DOING HIS THING ON TUESDAY NIGHTS..MAYBE MONDAY TOO...CAUSE I THINK I LIKE THE WONDERBAR BETTER THAN the other spot.....They don't keep jammers on hold all night..If they see you they call you up...TUESDAYS ...STARTS AT 8PM ...Dearborn and Erie...Downstairs under the Joynt.  Come out and enjoy some Blues AND jAZZ.  AT LONIE WALKER'S UNDERGROUND WONDERBAR. ..Every First and Last Monday is a BLUES JAM..  KZ


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