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KenZirelli Kensey aka Honeydripper,  Artist, Film Maker ..Blues Harmonica Player..available

Born in Chicago...Played the blues...  in spare time did graffitti on neighbors walls..

I grew up in Chicago..during a time when Blues was very popular..I played and sang blues with friends and family. I always knew Id become a harmonica player. Back then Negros and Blues was really the same thing..that's how close it's connected to us still even today. It was the 50's & 60's..we stood on the corners singing songs like Hoochie Coochie Man, Spoonful and My Babe..  When the 70's came I felt ready and set out to meet Jimmy of the greatest bluesmen to ever walk the earth. It was'nt a hard thing to do..cause blues people (the real ones) are regular people..your neighbors..or your friends neighbors..maybe relatives. Cause when I was about 17 my friend James..after I kept calling him a lier.. he took me to meet his uncle..Willie Dixon..I was like DAYUMM he was tellin the truth. .In fact Chess records was walking distance from the house.
 I was born to be a Blues Harmonica player.. When not hangin with Jimmy..I was running with the Billy Branch bunch..Me, Billy, John Brim Jr, and Lucious..Junior Wells son..I followed Junior a great deal..He gave me my first Chromatic which I still have. Round this time I met Harmonica Hinds too. We were all young blues men. and boy did we party & have fun..we'd jump from club to club till sunrise..and then go to the beach..blowing harmonicas..using it's magic would make the sun rise.. Back then the blues was still funky and pure..but changing. Life was real back then..the blues It had become a huge new fad in Europe.  Around 78 I ran off to LA to continue my work in TV and Film..worked on some classics even an Oscar  Nominated piece......When not at CBS I performed with Sweet Lovin Daddy a harp/guitar player in the streets of south central...Blind Joe Hill was another harp/guitar man who I studied a lot out there..It was Lovin Daddy who gave me the name Honeydripper...later I joined DSR an R&B group outta St. Louis...after blowing harp and doing art all over Cali, DC, Canada and South America.. I finally settled back in Chicago to finish what I was put here to do. 


Yours truly Honeydripper..and my fabulous guitar player Haru


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